Tech. support

To return to game objects you will need to fill out a form:
Form Return of things:
  • 1) See this link to your exchange (see. Settings).

  • 2) Attach a screenshot of the tradeoffer (tradeoffer that you have sent the bot).

  • 3) Describe a situation in which the error occurred.

  • 4) Number of match in which you did not receive a prize

  • 5) The date of dispatch of tradeoffer

Before sending a message to the technical support required to read the "Rules", "About Us"

Check your inventory, if it is more than 1,000 items, the prize is not sent.
We return the items, if the error was on our part (bot). If it is not, the administration the right not to return the items that you.
We also receive information about matters of cooperation.
All your suggestions for improving our service will also be treated.

Sample message:

Subject: Failure of the prizes

  • 1) Link to offer: ...

  • 2) Screenshots attached

  • 3) Within 5 minutes after the end of the game № ... which I won, I do not give out a prize.

  • 4) Number of match № ...

  • 4) Date ...